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3 Key Areas of High Performance

Any Child Can Excel with an All Pro Parent


Start early and any child can excel at a sport as they get older.


Start early and add knowledge often and you will raise an academic high achiever.

Skill Development

High Achievers are raised with a host of skills such as programming, art, music, theater, etc.

Being The Best Parent You Can Be

Parents Who Care

All Pro Parent is a group of parents who care about raising well-rounded, high performance kids. We want every parent to have access, and we offer a free version as well as paid versions.

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Why We Started All Pro Parent

  • People always ask "How did you do that?" when they find out our daughter graduated high school at 13.
    Helping People
  • There is a HUGE financial advantage for kids to be advanced.
    Saving Money
  • By starting early, your child can achieve more in Academics and Athletics.
    Reduce Frustration
  • Any average child can be far more advanced with early, steady effort.
  • Traditional academics cannot keep up with the needed skills. Parents have to develop these.
    Skill Development
  • Athletics at early age improved competitiveness, discipline and self control.
  • All Pro Parent is a group committed to being better, and raising better, more successful, humans.

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