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Bathroom Bidets & Bidet Parts | undefined Boss Bidet Luxury Cleans Your Bottom in 1.3 Seconds Aesthetic Design, 10-Minute Installation Freshwater Sprayer Non-Electric Mechanical Dual Nozzles Self-Cleaning Unisex Bidet Toilet Attachment White Black AP07514
  • Boss Bidet is designed to clean your rear in 1.3 seconds faster and better than you can; just attach, spray, clean and feel fresh leaving the bathroom always

  • Anyone, even without plumbing experience, can easily install Boss Bidet in 15 minutes by watching our 3 minute step by step installation video or reading our manual, and viola, you now have a toilet bidet attachment

  • Boss has 3 wash settings; the front and rear wash functions clean the rear or the privates while the nozzle clean feature sprays down at the nozzle cover and through the jet holes to clean any residue before water is sprayed at your butt

  • The boss is a solid investment that saves you money on toilet paper where you reduce your toilet paper usage by 63% and save 37 gallons of water from toilet paper manufacturing; our mission is to protect the environment by boss bidet education

  • The nozzle control dial gives you full control of the water pressure delivered to your goods; boss does not play around when it comes to cleaning and we are certain that you’ll never stand up from a toilet again wondering if you’re fully clean

What is it? Boss Bidet can clean your butt faster and better than you can in 1.3 seconds. How does it work? Handle your business. Turn the wash knob to clean. Dry the goods with a few sheets of toilet paper. Walk away feeling shower fresh. Why Boss Bidet? Three wash settings. Soft and strong water pressure. Super fast and easy installation. Try Boss Bidet for free for 60 days. Contact us directly to return it past 30 days. A portion of your purchase is donated to charity. In 2020,we partnered with an institution to bring fresh water to a remote village in Rwanda. Our 2021 charity plans are in progress. Boss concierge team. We are available 7 days a week to assist you with any request. Can I install it? Yes. You can easily attach Boss Bidet to your toilet in 10-15 minutes without any prior plumbing experience. We filmed a 3 minute step by step installation video to show you how to do it and included a detailed instruction manual in the box. You will need a wrench and a screwdriver to install your bidet. The Boss Bidet has 5 main features that categorize it in a different class. It has dual nozzles (jet sprayer) for both men and women, nozzle cleaning system, retractable nozzle when not in use. Universal toilet fit. Attaches to any standard two-piece toilet. Not compatible with most one piece toilets. Adjustable round plates for more fitting options and securing your toilet seat. It comes with a 1 year warranty, PVC hose and t-adapter, instruction manual and installation video on our website.

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