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Lawn & Garden Bird & Wildlife | BIRDS CHOICE 26-in H White Metal Purple Martins Nesting Box Bird House WJ53407
  • Birds Choice 4 floor 16 room purple martin birdhouse with starling resistant entrance holes

  • Constructed of aluminum, which is cooler than plastic, best suited for purple martins

  • Crescent shape entry holes cut to an exact size for purple martins provide greater protection by restricting starlings from entering

  • Lightweight for ease of raising or lowering to clean

  • Longer life span than wood or plastic as it will not fade, crack or rot

  • Pole mount bird house

  • 19-in L x 14-in W x 26-in H

  • One year warranty from manufacturer defects

  • This proudly made in the USA bird house is ideal for Purple Martins

Consider becoming a purple martin landlord and attract them to your yard with this 4 floor 16 room aluminum purple martin house with crescent shaped entrance holes. Aluminum houses seems to be best for purple martins as they are easier to maintain. They are lightweight, easy to clean, cooler if properly ventilated, do not harbor parasites, and the reflective roof helps with controlling the heat. The crescent entry holes are cut to an exact height of the purple martins providing security by restricting starlings from entering. Purple martins feed exclusively on flying insects which can help minimize those flying pests around your yard. The rewards of listening to the beautiful singing of purple martins and watching their aerial maneuvers as they feed on flying insects is enjoyable and relaxing. Assembly required. Made in USA.

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