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Flooring | GaragePro 0.88-in x 90-in x 192-in Gray Smooth Flexible PVC Roll Multipurpose Flooring IR50042
  • Heavy-duty, durable vinyl provides strong, long-lasting protection

  • Catches every drop of mud, slush and grime

  • Keeps your garage and home clean and safe

  • Helps prevent slips and falls

  • 3-Year limited warranty

The GaragePro heavy-duty 50-mil containment mat catches every drop of water, mud, slush, and grime that falls off your vehicle, and contains gallons of liquid in the mat rather than spilling out over your garage floor. The containment mat keeps your garage floor clean, eliminating the problem of tracking oil, grime and mud into your home keeping your walk areas clean and dry. The vinyl mat comes with durable raised plastic edges that create a basin to hold gallons of liquids and keeps them from spreading onto the garage floor. The GaragePro containment mat comes with specially engineered raised snap-on edge pieces that create the barrier that contains the liquid. The snap-on edges are extremely durable and don’t require tools to install, as they easily snap into place around the mat. This durable, heavy-duty containment mat comes with a three-year limited warranty.

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