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Storage & Organization Jewelry Organization | ORE International Red Leather Freestanding Jewelry Box RM43132
  • 8 Acrylic clear windowpane display in the front and sides measures 1 in L x 1 in W x 1 in H

  • Bottom drawer measures 3.5 in L x 3.25 in W x 1.75 in H

  • Bottom drawer comes with 4 ring slots where you can place 8 pcs of rings comfortably

  • Top drawer storage measures 3.25 in L x 2.75 in W x 1.5 in H

  • Wipe with a damp or dry cloth for cleaning

Launch a British memorabilia with your precious valuables with the British telephone booth jewelry box. This retro, mod jewelry box calls attention to your precious valuables with its British red finish and protects them from dust and debris with glass panels in the door and sides. The durable leather/glass jewelry box includes two removable drawers, giving you all the room you need to arrange your precious rings, chain bracelets and necklaces. Bottom drawers give you four ring slots to display your precious rings neatly. Top drawer allows you to hide your precious valuables away from everyone to see inside. Each side panel comes with 2 wall mount jewelry hooks to properly display your day-to-day pieces on site. Clear acrylic windowpane panel boasts a clear view door that opens for unobstructed viewing from three sides. Door closures, and windows that show off whatever you store inside, the jewelry box is an excellent way to display your precious valuables or collectibles. The jewelry box is painstakingly hand-painted in a rich British red, then fitted with three glass display windows. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and allowing us to present unusual decorative items available to you.

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