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Lawn & Garden Misting Systems & Attachments | Orbit Slip Lok 3/8-in Brass Mist Tee UR00512
  • Compatible with Orbit professional outdoor mist cooling system and any 3/8-in flexible tube mist kit

  • All brass construction

  • Unique slip lock design provides exact 90° turn in mist line

The slip-lok tee is used to connect outdoor mist cooling system lines and assembles in seconds with a simple insert and twist motion. The unique brass slip-lok design can be used with both low and high pressure (up to 160 psi) systems as the tee actually grips tighter when the pressure increases. Additionally, the tee and tubing can be disassembled by simply compressing the ferrule against the body and pulling away from the tubing making the slip-lok tee a versatile mist system fitting.

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