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Flooring | NewAge Products Flooring Accessory Black 3.5-in x 240-in Vinyl Floor Threshold YG63248
  • Create a tight seal between garage door and flooring

  • Durable EPDM Rubber is resilient and chemical resistant

  • Perfectly fits profile and thickness of NewAge Flooring

  • Quick to install with silicone adhesive (not included)

  • 20 ft. length covers edge for a double car garage

  • Prevent water, dirt, and weather getting under your flooring

  • Dimensions: 20 ft. L x 3.5 in. W x 0.6 in. H

Create a seal between your garage door and flooring, and prevent the elements from getting into your workspace, with the 20 ft. Garage Door Threshold. Precision-fit to NewAge Stone Composite Flooring profile and thickness, the 20 ft. Garage Door Threshold is constructed from durable EPDM Rubber for exceptional weather and chemical resistance, with the flexibility to retain its shape under the weight of the heaviest vehicles. The 20 ft. length covers single and double car garages, can be easily cut to length, and is quickly installed using silicone adhesive to adhere to the garage floor, creating a seamless, tight edge.

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