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Lawn & Garden Planters, Stands & Window Boxes | undefined 2-Pack Large (25-65-Quart) 20.25-in W x 10-in H Brown Plastic Raised Planter Box FO02975
  • Conveniently mobile - This grow box is compact and mobile for transport and sun tracking in areas with limited space thanks to its size

  • Expand your growth - Grow new plant and vegetable products that you have been wanting to try in this planter! Enjoy tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, strawberries, beans and so much more

  • Low maintenance - This automated self-watering planter is great for both new gardeners and seasoned green thumbs. It automatically waters plants by wicking moisture from its 1-gallon reservoir and has overflow holes to prevent over watering

  • Great for small spaces - The Start Pickin' is ideal for people with limited space to grow. Its small design works great in tight spaces such as apartment patios, fire escapes, kitchens, and rooftop verandas

  • Weed prevention - This grow box has its own self-contained soil system that alleviates weed growth issues. A mulch cover is also included to further prevent weed development and help start seeds

Most ideal as a seed starter or small herb garden planter, EMSCO's Start Pickin' Raised Bed Grow Box is perfect for indoor or outdoor growing.……Built with durable, compact design features, this raised bed box can be used in almost any small space. Pick a spot on the deck, balcony, window sill, fire escape, or any other small space and begin growing your plants or vegetables! Why not have your herb garden right on the kitchen counter for easy access.The lightweight mobility of the design also allows for easy sun tracking. This user friendly planter automatically waters its plants by wicking water from its water reservoir. You will find yourself saving so much time by not having to worry about watering your plants everyday! Additionally, these plants rest above an aeration screen to further improve the flow of air to their roots, promoting quicker growth results and preventing root rot. Use this in combination with the included weed barrier and it will double as a greenhouse cover for starting seeds and for seedlings by keeping moisture in. Soon you can enjoy tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, strawberries, beans and so much more.……Once your plants reach desired growth, you can easily transfer the contents to a larger long-term pot. Your home garden will be flourishing in no time with the EMSCO Group Start PIckin' Raised Bed Grow Box and Seed Starter!

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