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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Metallic Beige 48-in x 60-in x 0.098-in Vinyl/Plastic Roll (20-sq ft) WF65715
  • This diamond plate top texture also provides traction in order to prevent slips and falls

  • Each "Diamond-Plate Metallic" roll can be purchase in a variety of lengths up to 25 feet

  • This flooring roll is lightweight enough that it can be rolled up and used as a modular floor

  • A durable PVC floor and this Diamond-Plate Metallic has a unique visual design

  • This PVC flooring mat is perfect for residential garages, fitness and floor protection applications

"Diamond-Plate Metallic" is made with ease of installation, safety, and durability in mind. Made out of PVC, this flooring is tough and capable of handling heavy foot traffic. PVC is a chemical and light oil resistant material with a physical integrity that makes it really popular among industrial workplaces, garages, floor protection applications and gyms. Common spills won’t cause damage to this flooring and most household cleaners or de-greasers can be used to clean this product. Not only made to last, but Diamond-Plate Metallic also has a unique visual design. This flooring has a metallic look and is decorated with a diamond plate pattern, giving it an industrial aesthetic. Coming in both silver and beige, this flooring matches a variety of facility settings. Not just for looks, the diamond-plate pattern is made to provide extra grip and traction, qualifying this floor as anti-slip. According to Liberty Mutual, 50.8 billion dollars was spent on occupational injuries in 2013. “Diamond-Plate Metallic” can prevent slips and injuries, enhancing overall facility efficiency. Doubled sided tape can be used for easily installing temporary flooring. This makes for a flooring product that is very easy to install by anyone, hence lowering its overall costs. To do a permanent flooring job on top of wood or concrete, polyurethane-based adhesives can be applied; no glue is needed. Each “Diamond-Plate Metallic” roll can be purchase in lengths up to 25 feet. This flooring can easily be cut using a utility knife for further customization and modification. Lightweight, this flooring can be stored and used only when extra flooring is needed. Modular capabilities make “Diamond-Plate Metallic” incredibly useful for those rainy days when temporary flooring is necessary.

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