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Lawn & Garden Thermometer Clocks & Gauges | AcuRite Digital Weather Station with Wireless Outdoor Sensor MN22235
  • Digital weather station with a wireless outdoor sensor helps you monitor indoor and outdoor conditions

  • Indoor/outdoor humidity and temperature displays allow you to quickly gauge the current climate

  • Trend arrows show if the conditions are rising, steady or falling

  • Daily high/low temperature display makes it easy to prepare for the warmest and coldest part of the day

  • 4 AA batteries required (not included)

  • 1-Year limited warranty gives you peace of mind

The weather can have a major impact on your activities throughout the day. Staying informed of essential environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity,can help you plan your day with confidence. The AcuRite White Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity shows indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity information at a glance. The digital thermometer is easy to read, and its compact size makes it convenient to place on any counter, shelf, or wall of your choice, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.The indoor/outdoor thermometer is a great addition to any home. Checking the temperature and humidity will help you make better decisions on what to wear outside or what activities to plan for the day. It can also help you maintain healthy, comfortable indoor conditions for your family and pets and protect your home and property from moisture damage that can occur from humidity levels that are too high. Includes a limited 1-year warranty and access to our knowledgeable US-based customer service team for peace of mind.

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