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Flooring Tile | Smart Tiles Peel and Stick Backsplash Hexagone Travertino 4-Pack Grey and White 9-in x 10-in Multi-finish Resin Honeycomb Stone Look Peel & Stick Wall Tile TE29875
  • Premium quality peel and stick for backsplash (kitchen, bathroom)

  • Durable, resistant to humidity and heat - no yellowing or cracking over time

  • 100% DIY: quick and easy installation, no grout, no glue, no mess

  • Guaranteed to stick

Premium quality, made in north America. Buy from the market leader of self-adhesive tiles. Our Hexagone Travertino tiles create a classical and timeless backsplash. Ideal with any home decor, no matter what style! Durable and resistant to humidity and heat. Smart tiles are robust and resistant to heat from the kitchen cooktops. They are also suitable as a backsplash in bathrooms (not suitable for inside the shower) and around the fireplace. Follow the installation instructions to ensure a long life span and a trendy smart new look for your interior in minutes. Quick and easy to install. Simplify your life with these innovative stick on wall tiles that have been specially designed for the kitchen and bathroom backsplash. No more messy and time consuming tile installation with grout or glue. Effortless DIY with simple instructions included. Clean and dust free installation in no time. They will not yellow or crack over time. Our Hexagone Travertino stick on tiles are designed with a patented gel component called gel-o, which gives the tile it's 3D effect. Easy to clean and maintain. Guaranteed to stick as long as you wish. Once Smart Tiles have completely adhered to the surface generally after 48 hours we guarantee that they will stick without peeling off or cracking for as long as you need them to. Buy with confidence. 100% Authentic and original tile stickers that are guaranteed to last.

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