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Flooring Tile | SpeedTiles Sandy Peel and Stick 6-Pack Mixted Tan 12-in x 12-in Multi-finish Natural Stone Marble/Travertine Linear Peel-and-stick Wall Tile QN85162
  • Peel and stick real stone tile for wall installation

  • Perfect for DIY projects

  • Easy to maintain

  • Fast and easy to install

  • No mortar, no grout, no mess

  • 3 Times faster to install than traditional mosaic

Opt for the quality and impeccable finish of SpeedTiles Natural Stone Peel and Stick tiles: a simple, easy-to-install solution to update your decor. Equipped with a powerful, time-tested adhesive, these high-quality wall tiles are easy to handle, cut and maintain. Just peel the film and stick. Made with proven materials, SpeedTiles are heat and moisture resistant, and can be installed on almost any wall in the house. Carry out your project without glue or grout, hassle free, at a fraction of the cost!

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