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Bathroom Toilet Seats | SmartBidet White Round Slow-Close Heated Bidet Toilet Seat LG49049
  • Fits standard round toilets will not fit standard elongated toilets nor French curves

  • Variety of cleaning features, including feminine wash, posterior wash, and oscillating wash (massages and gives a thorough cleanse)

  • Adjustable 5 water pressure levels adjustable 3 water temperature levels adjustable 5 nozzle positions - retractable and self-cleaning nozzle adjustable 3 heated seat levels

  • DIY easy to install with included hardware

  • Made in Korea

  • Skin sensor, a safety on/off feature on the seat

  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs

  • Measures 18.7 In. W x 19.4 In. D x 7.3 In. H weighs 10.6 lbs nonflammable ABS

  • Additional specs: power rating: 120V/60Hz/660W soft-closing lid and seat - refrain from sitting on lid energy saving mode cu listed 3.10 ft electrical cord length bolt spread range: 5.5 In. to 7.5 In. quick release for easy cleaning

Round bidet seat for round toilets only. Will not fit elongated toilets nor French curve.

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